12 May 2013 early visit to Cornell University, New York.

12 May 2013 early visit to Cornell University, New York.


It all started when...

at a chance meeting at an airport lounge where  Prof Tom Brenna (CSO and inventor) explained to Dr Craig Patch (CEO) a novel discovery that branched fats could reduce necrotising enterocolitis in rats by up to 60%. This set in motion the idea behind our mission of commercialising branched fats. Craig & Tom then teamed up with Sarah Crennan (Director of R&D) who worked on developing the idea in two companies before finally securing the intellectual property and forming Vernx Biotechnology Pty Ltd.

Branched fats are an important fatty acid found in human vernix caseosa and breast milk. It plays an important function in the developing infant gut epithelial, regulating immunity and seeding a healthy microbiota. Preterm infants and formula fed infants are deficient in branched fats which has significant negative health effects on gut health and immunity. Vernx Biotechnology will supply the global pharmaceutical, infant formula and supplement market with our proprietary branched fat active ingredients. Vernx Biotechnology is committed to providing science based medical foods to improve gastrointestinal health.