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Compared to full term infants, premature infants are at risk of developing problems with their gut which also impacts the lungs and brain. It is now understood that many of these problems are related to inadequate nutrition. The nutritional requirements of premature infants are unique because of feeding difficulties, conditional dietary deficiencies and illness.  The importance of nutrition at this early stage is of critical importance. Vernx Biotechnology is committed to providing science based medical foods to improve gastrointestinal health and in turn reduce the incidence of necrotising enterolcolitis.


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We are developing a range of medical nutrition products based on science and inspired by nature. Our solutions are based on a deep understanding of infant development and nutritional requirements. For more information about our technology, products and pipeline please place a request.



Sir David Attenborough considers whether new evidence will help a once widely ridiculed theory of human origins move towards to mainstream acceptance.
— BBC Radio 4 - The waterside ape
The BCFA profiles of vernix and meconium show that BCFA are major components of normal healthy term newborn gastrointestinal tract. BCFA are candidates for agents that play a role in gut colonization and should be considered a nutritional component for the fetus/newborn.
— ran-ressler & brenna, Pediatric research



We are committed to bringing products that are based on the very best science and observing what happens naturally. Also, we strive to deliver products that are cost effective and available to all in need. Finally, we look to be environmentally sustainable in everything we do.