Our Pipeline

VerNx Biotechnology's branched fat patented technology platform has led to the development of three specific products with a focus on specific applications - dietary supplements, infant formula and pharmaceuticals.



Dietary Supplements

The global probiotic and gut health supplement market is reaching Euro 40 billion according to reports published in NutraIngredients.com. Branched fats have a range of positive effects on microbiota ecology and our unique active ingredients (BG011) is developed with this market segment in mind.


Infant Formula

Infant formula has been traditionally a hot bed of innovation as nutrition science understands more about the unique nutritional composition of breast milk. This has lead to a range of blockbuster nutritional ingredients over the last couple of decades. These include DHA, GOS, FOS and Choline to name a few. Branched fats are only now being discovered as an important component of breast milk and is absent in infant formula. Our unique infant formula active ingredient (BG012) will be an important nutrient to be added to infant formula in the future.



Branched fats are a significant component of vernix caseosa (white waxy substance on new born baby skin). It is now understood that vernix caseosa sloughs off in to the amniotic fluid and is ingested by the developing foetus. It is important in the early microbiota seeding, gut epithelial cell development and immunity. As this occurs in the last trimester preterm babies do not get this essential fatty acid and also suffer a range of severe gastrointestinal diseases. We are developing a proprietary product (BG013) that will one day reduce the suffering and burden of severe gut diseases in premature infants.